MP3: Frank Ocean - "Best Seller"


Watch The Throne is now out digitally, and since you've most likely already heard it, than you've most likely noticed that Odd Future r&b singer/songwriter Frank Ocean provides album opener “No Church In The Wild” with his sultry vocals on the chorus.

If that wasn't enough (it obviously isn't since he's also on the album's penultimate tune, “Made in America”), the singer has also been releasing jam after unreleased jam, from “Thinking About You” to freshly surfaced “Best Seller.”

Though it's impossible to say when any of these 'new' songs were recorded, “Best Seller” simply sounds like it is a successor to Nostalgia, ULTRA, due mostly to its lyrical content, but also its grimy, electronically charged synths, and Ocean's passionate delivery. Check it below; we're still on waiting on Def Jam to release Nostalgia, LITE. Get on that, Def Jam.

Frank Ocean - "Best Seller" (MP3)

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