MP3: New Frank Ocean - "Thinking About You"


We were pretty excited about Frank Ocean'sNostalgia, LITE to come out this week here at Casa de PMA, but since that obviously didn't happen we'll have to settle for this sweet new Ocean track called "Thinking About You".

The songs on Nostalgia, ULTRA, the unfiltered source material for Ocean's upcoming EP, Nostalgia, LITE, are mainly comprised of samples — from MGMT ("Nature Feels") to the Eagles ("American Wedding") to Stanley Kubrick ("Lovecrimes") — that did not go through the proper process of approval, so Def Jam's tardiness to release it is not to be unexpected. So there's that. More info on LITE's release as it becomes available.

Onto the new song, "Thinking About You". In short, it's excellent. The barely-there beat is so simple, the synths are so expanded and aerated, Ocean's falsetto is so angelic, that this may just be the most effective example of why Frank Ocean deserves all of the attention given to him.

Frank Ocean - "Thinking About You" (MP3)

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