Frankmusik - Rehab (Amy Winehouse Cover)




I'm not sure if I can take this guy seriously. His tunes are definitely catchy, but spelling music with a "k" might be a little too altphonic for me. But I can't deny the reality that surrounds Frankmusik. Not since Lady GaGa has an underground pop act made so much noise throughout the blogosphere. F

Frankmusik's tour de force has been headlined by captivating first single "3 Little Words," and there have been no signs of slowing down yet. If anything, the buzz will only snowball from here. Everyone knows that riding the popularity of another artist via cover and/or remix is the best way to stay relevant in this fast-paced music blog world, and that is exactly what Frankmusik did.

Frankmusik's cover of Amy Winehouse's "Rehab" transforms the modern classic into a campy, ravey anthem. Is it different? It definitely is. Tons of kudos for that alone. Is it good? Not necessarily.