Free Download: Italians Do It Better - After Dark 2

Thank you, Johnny Jewel.

After the nearly Random Access Memories-level anticipation and buildup to Italians Do It Better's second compilation After Dark 2 before it was finally released about a month ago, label head Johnny Jewel is giving back. (Read our review here.) Not only can you stream the compilation online, you can now download it for free as a single track. We strongly suggest bolstering your summer soundtrack by going for it - where else are you going to get a free, amazing, fifteen-track record by innovative, exciting bands like Glass Candy and Chromatics? Check it out.

After Dark 2:

01 Glass Candy: "Warm in the Winter"
02 Desire: "Tears From Heaven"
03 Mirage: "Let's Kiss"
04 Appaloosa: "Fill the Blanks"
05 Chromatics: "Looking for Love"
06 Symmetry: "Heart of Darkness"
07 Chromatics: "Camera"
08 Twisted Wires: "Half Lives"
09 Glass Candy: "The Possessed"
10 Chromatics: "Cherry"
11 Glass Candy: "Beautiful Object"
12 Farah: "Into Eternity"
13 Appaloosa: "Intimate"
14 Mike Simonetti: "The Magician"
15 Glass Candy: "Redheads Feel More Pain"