Freelance Whales - Location


PMA has already introduced you to Freelance Whales with the epic "Generator" songs (mirroring Arcade Fire's "Neighborhood" series, perhaps?). Continuing to hype up this melodic, orchestral band, we present you with "Location," another dreamy cut of of their debut album, Weathervanes.


While not quite as powerful as the two "Generator" tracks, "Location" features more of the same in the best way possible- banjo,  soothing harmonies (resembling One For The Team), and a quiet, memorable chorus powered with a gospel backdrop of "ohs." And at 4:05, the full potential of Freelance Whales is reached as the instruments cut out in the type of haunting musical moment that lets you know when a band is the real deal.

Again, "Location" isn't incredible, or unmatched, but it demonstrates true potential for an up-and-coming band that will certainly be making waves as their album makes the rounds.

Freelance Whales - Location