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Freelance Whales - Starring

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We introduced the break out band, Freelance Whales, with their powerful hits, “Generators ^ First Floor” and “Generators ^ Second Floor.” Continuing on the excitement train, the song “Starring” further demonstrates the strength of the band, making you forget they came to being in December of 2008 (yes, less than a year ago).

“Starring” is a stand-out track on their new album, Weathervanes (released in August).  With a heartfelt pop chorus, the track leaves you feelings lifted and free. The song makes you want to throw on lose fitting clothes and run through a field, skipping and picking daises along the way. It’s has a sentimental melody that contributes to the greatness of the album.

“Starring” is a track signifies the undeniable greatness of Freelance Whales and demonstrates the groups potential to become one of the break-out bands of the year.

Freelance Whales - Starring