Friday Links


I was going to do a Sunday Links thing every Sunday, but why should I discriminate against the other perfectly capable days of the week? Oh yes, I went there.

So to the question of when these will happen will be subject to my personal discretion, or sometimes based on impulse or caprice (or in other words, whenever I want to). Here are your Friday Links, I expect you to click them all, because they're all pretty much amazing.

Listen to, Preview, and HEART all of the music posted on PMA.

Frank(ie) Ramz posted this fantastic video on Pigeons & Planes. If you sort of like Asher Roth, or even sort of hate him, you might enjoy this. "I Hate High School."

MGMT cover Nine Inch Nail's "Closer." Not sure how old this is, but I like it. Saw it at Rollo & Grady via Bleakey. I wanna fuck you like a DINOSAUR!

Stereogum told us that Radiohead are fast at work on an In Rainbows follow-up. Mass hysteria ensues.

Soulwax & Au Revoir Simone involved in the making of the Aeroplane album! - via Ohh Crapp

Jay-Z confirms split with Def Jam.

I <3 Green Day's "21 Guns"

The Sounds, Wilco and Sunset Rubdown albums leaked.