From - Fight For Your Right (Beastie Boys Cover)


The world was a troubled place before October 1986. It brightened up a little right when the immortal words, "Kick It!" exploded through every boom box on the street, followed by the cheesiest and possibly the greatest fusion of rock and rap production of all time.


Even though "Fight For Your Right"'s conception wasn't so innocent and mostly a joke, it doesn't take away from what the Beastie Boys and Rick Rubin had created. I will always remember "Fight For Your Right" as one of the greatest party songs ever.

I was delighted when the Harvard-educated, ex-fashion designer and producer/singer/songwriter/front-woman Roni Brunn from From linked me up to her cover of "Fight For Your Right" — en français, bien sûr. In her words:

It’s both intimidating and fun to take on the Beastie Boys, so we made sure our version is very different from the original. It's in French, for one. We replaced the Deep Purple-style guitar riff with a New Order sound, layered a fuzzed out synth on the 4/4 beat of an 808 kick drum, threw in samples of a Peruvian flute and a cello, and invited an all-girl choir to join in for the chorus.

From - Fight For Your Right (Beastie Boys Cover) | mp3

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