Futurebirds - Futurebirds EP


Close to two years ago, Athens based psychedelic folk rockers Futurebirds put out a free EP on a then still relatively unknown medium called Bandcamp, which they gave away for free to anyone who cared to give a listen. Now signed to Autumn Tone Records, the band is releasing a remastered edition of said EP, just in case anyone missed it. Looking at their actions over the last two years, Futurebirds could very well be the epitome of DIY, putting out all their music by themselves, constructing the album art out of cardboard, and handling all promotion duties firsthand. Even attached to Autumn Tone, the remastered edition of their eponymous EP will be released on vinyl, which will be packaged in a recyclable cardboard jacket, hand painted and even numbered by the band. That's some serious devotion.

Those who have listened to the EP already have called comparisons to My Morning Jacket for their psychedelic folk-rock resonance and Southern demeanor. But after several listens, it becomes apparent that Futurebirds shouldn't really be compared to anybody. Running just over thirty minutes long, Futurebirds EP feels more like a full length, each individual song having the time to reel you in, each unique in its own enjoyable way.

“Megachills” is a powerful feel good anthem, evocative of that Fleet Foxes-like bluegrass/folk complexion but with a lo-fi ethos externalized by the heavy reverb on the vocals. Fan favorite “Dirty D” starts off as a laid back country ballad, and grows more vehement; even on the remastered edition it's brimming with a garage rock like aesthetic, and soaked in psychedelia. The rest of the tunes here maintain this same premise of calm but noisy, distorted folk; alongside the overly enticing vocals of, Futurebirds will no doubt be a serious threat in the indie folk camp. Watch out for them, Futurebirds EP drops April 19th.

Futurebirds - "Dirty D" (MP3)