mp3: Fuzz - "What's In My Head?"


You may recall that Ty Segall released three records last year, and the middle one, Slaughterhouse, which was recorded with his live band, ended with a super-evil, ten-minute droney number called "Fuzz War." Given that, by which we generally mean Segall's overarching obsession with noise, it makes sense that now dude's got another band called Fuzz, in which he plays drums and recruits help from Slaughterhouse collaborator Charlie Mootheart on guitar and another friend, Roland Cosio, on bass. Here's a new track from the trio, "What's in My Head?" a stoner-y meditation on the title question packed with simple-but-smart guitar melodies, massive drum fills, and an effortless scream-along chorus. Turn it up loud in headphones for maximum fuzz. Check it out.

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mp3: Fuzz - "What's In My Head"