Gang Gang Dance - BeBey (DJ /rupture and Matt Shadetek Remix)



Ever wondered what it would sound like if a Brooklyn warehouse rave got transported into the middle of the Amazon rainforest? Well, even if you haven’t (and I fantasize daily), I can tell you it would probably sound a lot like this excellent remix of Gang Gang Dance’s “BeBey” by New York electronic maestros DJ /rupture (who received critical acclaim for his most recent mix, Uproot) and Matt Shadatek (dub producer and long time collaborator).

Keeping the original drums’ already primal texture from “Bebey”, the pair adds a tropical fruit basket of electronic flourishes that elevate the track into a genuine electro-tribal banger. Now, a steady dub pulse forms the beat, with fragmentary melodies that seem to emerge naturally from the track’s atmospheric wilderness.

The result is a sound that’s both upbeat and mysterious, and totally savage. Boys and girls, get out your glow in the dark face paint and start organizing your drum circles – the remix is the first track off the duo’s collaborative mix CD, Solar Life Raft, dropping November 11.

Gang Gang Dance -