Gang Gang Dance - First Communion (TV On The Radio Remix)


Admittedly, I didn't give Gang Gang Dance's Saint Dymphna anywhere near a fair listen last year. Sure, I thought "House Jam" was a good song and all, but it never really caught on. At least not on my iPod. Revisiting Gang Gang Dance's critical smash, I find myself enthralled in this beautiful, psychedelic, experimental world these Brooklyn natives have crafted with their album. "First Communion," Gang Gang Dance's new single, is a marvelous piece of work and the gutsy TV on the Radio have decided to remix (near) perfection.


TV on the Radio's remix shows us another side of the already multifaceted "First Communion." This new side is less ballsy and more accessible. Sounds like a negative, right? Not always. On their remix, TV on the Radio marry the energy found on their Young Liars EP and the swagger of Saint Dymphna in a perfect way. Listen to it here.

If you caught TV on the Radio's remix EP, Read Silence, you'd know that Gang Gang Dance first remixed TV on the Radio's "Stork & Owl." I guess TVotR was just returning the favor.

And another bonus brought to us by Stereogum, Hot Chip's fantastic remix of "House Jam"