MP3: Ghostface Killah – “2getha Baby”


Updated with music video!

Rap legend Ghostface Killah will release his ninth solo studio record The Apollo Kids on December 14, and new single “2getha Baby” is just the first taste. On top of a chopped-up, 50s, doo-woppy sample, Ghostface tries to woo a young woman – “Your jeans fit nice! You just my type!” – while expostulating on his wealth and credibility (this verse comes complete with TD Bank reference). It’s a great beat, and Ghostface is a great rapper, and the contrast between the two is really appealing. It's a fine start for The Apollo Kids. We're eager to find out if the album lives up to Ghostface's more inspired 21st Century solo releases — Supreme Clientele, The Big Doe Rehab, The Pretty Toney Album, and of course, the now classic Fishscale. Download "Together Baby" below: