Gifted - Dopamine


I introduced Gifted to the PMA audience for the first time two months ago. A couple of song posts and one awesome remix contest later, this rising duo continues to impress me with their cutting edge sound. The most recent concoction on the behalf of Gifted is an interesting number by the name of "Dopamine."


The song will be on their upcoming debut album, Presence, but it's a PMA exclusive for the time being so be extra sure to check it out. Saum G's production is reminiscent of the abrasive fusion of hip-hop and electro that I've come to expect from Gifted. Meanwhile, PJo gives what might the best lyrical performance I've heard from him so far.

"Dopamine" definitely amounts to another win for Gifted. These guys have caught my ear and if this track is any indication of what the album sounds like, they'll have it for quite some time. Are you as ready for Gifted as I am?