Gifted - Music

Which one would you bang? (click to make BIG)

Which one would you bang? (click to make BIG)

Gifted are a two-piece musical experiment formed by vocalist PJo and producer Saum G representing the fantastic music scene of Chicago. Their first single "Music" is a curious blend of hip-hop and electro — and at some points you hear some classical strings and piano.

Something else that strikes me as interesting is the way PJo sings the song. At the beginning of the track, he's whispering, but that doesn't last long — he builds up the song into a pumped-up crescendo. Very nice. Also, the start-stop trend PJo has going is reminiscent of rap, but it still holds that sing-song R&B vibe throughout. They even get their Kanye on and sorta jump on the vocoder for a couple of seconds. Very tastefully done. PMA approved.

Shout out to Newborn Rodeo for tip! Grab "Music" after the jump.