Girls, The 101-Word Album Review


I've held off posting about Girls because of certain reservations I had about them. Specifically, I can't listen to the lead singer's voice for a long period of time. But whenever I do sit down to listen to their album, Album, I'm not overwhelmed or blown away, as their 9.1 Pitchfork rating might imply.


I will admit, however, that "Lust For Life," as well as "Laura" and "Hellhole Ratface" are essential and should be required listening in 2009. But take these tracks out of the equation and you are left with little to get excited about — a directionless Elvis Costello/Brian Wilson tribute album.

Download to my favorite songs off Album or stream the whole thing, and then watch a NSFW/XXX music video.

Girls - Lust For Life
Girls - Laura
Girls - Hellhole Ratface

Girls, "Lust For Life" XXX NSFW (I REPEAT: NOT SAFE FOR WORK, MAN) Music Video

Stream all of Album below: