Golau Glau - Foolstide b/w A Tragic Error



Purveyors of holographic silverpop, Golau Glau have released an original Christmas single for our listening pleasure. Never ones to be ordinary, Golau Glau made sure to bring the cavalry on "Foolstide". Banging beats permeate throughout light-as-air vocals telling the tale of a time when the Puritans outlawed Christmas for thirteen years in the 17th Century.

"Foolstide" is backed with the heart-pumping "A Tragic Error", which might just triumph over the single's titular track. The first thing you will notice when "A Tragic Error" comes on are the ear-splitting "15 Steps"-esque warped drum line. At this point, you had better be wearing headphones. The drums meet up with rubbery synth flourishes and hazy clouds of noise with each progressing second, until eventually you will have close your eyes to attempt to take it all in. Download and listen to the two tracks individually below, or go to Golau Glau's blogsite for a zip containing both tracks, music sheet (!!), and artwork.

MP3: Golau Glau - Foolstide
MP3: Golau Glau - A Tragic Error