Great Lake Swimmers - Everything Is Moving So Fast


Just like One For The Team's "Best Supporting Actress," Great Lake Swimmers' "Everything Is Moving So Fast" contains beautiful guy/girl vocals and a softly strumming guitar, and doesn't build into anything more than it's initial melody would suggest. But "Moving So Fast" doesn't have anywhere near the catchiness that "Actress" has, it isn't nearly as memorable, and the song simply moves too slow, dragging the listener along with it.


There are moments to like in "Moving," for sure: the pretty vocals, the relaxing chorus, the chill vibe. But there's nothing that makes me want to replay it over and over, nothing that makes me want to sing along, nothing that makes me want to soak it in. Sometimes, I think that these "simplistic, acoustic" songs can get a little too simplistic.

Express Night Out puts it well, saying that the pretty melody doesn't change the fact that the song "lazily and ironically pushes its infinite chorus, 'Everything is moving so fast / I am unlimited.'"