Grizzly Bear - Owner of a Lonely Heart (Yes Cover)


Yesterday I asked y'all (via Tweet) if I should start posting covers on Tuesdays again. Well, everyone was like, "Hell yes" and no one was like, "hell no." So guess what? I'm going to start posting covers on Tuesdays again — and I'm starting (resuming?) it off with a goodie from the GRIZZ.


While everyone is worrying if their Top 10 selling album, Veckatimest, is going to change their work ethic/sound, Grizzly Bear have been hard at work putting on breathtaking shows and (gasp) maybe working on a new album?

I want to thank Aquarium Drunkard for reminding me of Grizzly Bear's cover of Yes' "Owner of a Lonely Heart." The cover song first appeared Grizzly Bear's Sorry For The Delay, which was released in April of 2006 on vinyl only (you can now buy it at Amazon on 256kbps MP3s for under $7).

My motto for cover songs is an easy one, and one I don't think many people can argue with: don't cover it unless you can do it better. Though listening to covers that aren't necessarily better, but different and unique is almost always just as good. In this case, Grizzly Bear (Ed Droste) completely blow Yes out of the water.

Listen to Grizzly Bear's rendition of "Owner of a Lonely Heart" here