Gun In The Sun


WAVVES - Gun In The Sun

I haven't really gone over the chill, laidback lo-fi, noise-pop darling that is WAVVES — also known as Nathan Williams (accompanied by Ryan Ulsh live). Aside from putting on a good show, and being hyped the heck up by Gorilla vs Bear, I wasn't too sure about this kid from San Diego. And after some slight confusion and correction, I gave WAVVES a good, hard listen this weekend (I'll admit that up until now, I've only put an half-assed effort into listening to his tunes) and decided it was time to show some love. "Gun In The Sun" is supposed to appear on his second LP, WAVVVES (yes, tripple "V") via De Stijl in March. But before you listen to "Gun In The Sun" I suggest catching up with his first LP WAVVES (only 2 Vs) and listening to the official first single from WAVVVES/slacker anthem, "So Bored." Things will make sense from there. Take a listen below:

WAVVES - Gun In The Sun

WAVVES - So Bored

Grizzly Bear - Cheerleader (Live Bootleg) | Deep Blue Sea (Pre-Dark Was The Night Version)

Grizzly Bear has always been one of my favorite male vocalists, and I have trouble thinking of anyone who does layered vocals as good as he does. For any Grizzly Bear fan, I have a couple of songs you probably want to listen to. Grizzly Bear played "Cheerleader" — or what was previously known as "2HUD" — live sometime last year, and a decent rip was just brought to my attention (via). The second track, and my personal favorite, "Deep Blue Sea" is the original version of the track he recorded for the Dark Was The Night compilation, that is trying to raise money and awareness for HIV/AIDS. Before they recorded the track for DWTN, Grizzly Bear went into the studio and recorded this with a full band. Both of these should be enough to pump you up for their upcoming album — the title apparently starts with a "V".

Grizzly Bear - Cheerleader (Live Bootleg)

Grizzly Bear - Deep Blue Sea (Pre-Dark Was The Night Version)