Harlem Shakes - Strictly Game, Music Video / Y Control (Yeah Yeah Yeahs Cover)


What a concept for a video. I’m really impressed by the creativity and originality. The second time around you watch it it’s even cooler. A concept so simple, yet (correct me if I’m wrong) never really been done before. Badass.

Also, Harlem Shakes' keyboardist, Kendrick Strauch, got his Karen O on and covered the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' "Y Control" from their critically acclaimed debut, Fever To Tell. The cover is simple, dreamy and smooth. Towards the end, Strauch's "Y Control" turns into a shimmery, disco-flavored ballad. All the polish doesn't ever reach the heights Karen O and the YYYs take "Y Control" to. But can anyone? Probably not.

Download it here
Harlem Shakes - Y Control (YYYs Cover) | mp3
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Y Control | mp3