HEALTH - Die Slow (Music Video)


“You don’t need to be 19 to like a band like this. You don’t need to listen to music eight hours a day. You don’t need to narcissistic or shallow. All you need to do is call.” HEALTH end their half fun and trippy half blood plagued music video for “Die Slow” with this message. Then they give a phone number to call and a website to visit.

I have not partaken in the viral advertising enough to check out the phone number, but the website repeats the message at the bottom of the page: “You Will Love Each Other.”

While watching the music video for “Die Slow”, you may be tempted to overanalyze some artsy message out of it. Instead HEALTH is saying that we all need to calm down and just embrace their accessible music, and the music is extremely accessible. “Die Slow” is a fantastic, upbeat, and fun song and the energy in the video only adds to it. Once you get hooked on the song, go get their new LP Get Color which dropped yesterday.