“You can have my money but you can't have me. Here's my money, give me shit I don't need. Tell me whatcha say I need? Just so unnecessary.” She's baaaaaack. After a year soaked with controversies, a downright media condemnation, and mostly harsh reviews concerning her third, and most eccentric LP, /\/\/\Y/\, M.I.A. ended it all on the New Year with the release of a free mixtape. Named after the popular and currently highly controversial WikiLeaks, which, like M.I.A., has pissed off a lot of authoritative figures, VICKI LEEKX is a return to the forum for the surprising popstar: 36 minutes of ongoing belligerent, dance-frenzy audible fury, with production from the usual suspects Diplo, Switch and Blaqstarr.

The mixtape's highlight is indubitably “GEN N-E-Y,” where the politically charged songstress repeats “if you don't give a fuck, I don't give a damn.” Here, M.I.A.'s heavily reverberated vocals are hostile and deafening, on an explosive beat that combines /\/\/\Y/\'s glitchy electronica and Kala's indisputable swagger. Among the substantial dubstep and bass heavy supremacy lies layers of noise and distortion, working in convergence with Maya's auto-tuned voice. The political connotations surrounding the song adhere to her usual "fuck the system" motif, strengthened by the most turbulent backdrop she's come out with recently.

MP3: M.I.A. - Gen N-E-Y [via]

It would be awesome to see her do a song with Das Racist.