New How to Dress Well: "& It Was U" MP3


How to Dress Well mastermind Tom Krell is the next musician to take on 2012's ubiquitous emotionalist R&B trope - and if there was a test, he passed it with flying colors with "& It Was U," the even-appropriately-titled upcoming single from his second record Total Loss (check out early singles "Ocean Floor For Everything" and "Cold Nites"). We're loving how effortlessly he takes trendy, sexy minimalism to an (almost Nicolas Jaar-level) extreme: when was the last time you heard such an irresistible pop song rooted almost entirely in snapping fingers? And even when that beat kicks in, it sounds like the isolated drum track from a more orthodox club song. That simplicity gives Krell plenty of room to spotlight his ethereal vocals, layered until he sounds like a cloned '90s boyband, and mime a serious dialogue with a would-be lover. Download the mp3 here.