Check Out Odd Future's New Duo, Internet (For Real)


Odd Future have a lot of bragging rights. The online sensations cum legitimate force to be reckoned with have accomplished a lot in the past twelve months, from assembling their very own record label backed by the Sony conglomerate, green-lighting a TV show with Adult Swim to scoring a Top 5 album on the Billboard 200. OFWGKTA is also home to 3 compelling duos, MellowHype, EarlWolf and now, Internet.

Internet are Odd Future's resident DJ, Syd the Kyd on lush r&b vocals and Matt Martian, producer extraordinaire from OF cohorts the Super 3. Internet make their debut with "Love Song -1", a really short teaser track (it runs a brief 93 seconds!). We don't have much to go by, but I can honestly say I'm excited to hear more. I hope we won't have to wait long.

The Internet - "Love Song -1" (mp3)

Over the weekend Odd Future punk'd everyone with news of a "new member" called Young Nigga. While that was definitely a joke, Internet seem like the real deal.