Islands - Vapours



Islands was just here over the weekend for our lovely Sunset Junction here in Los Angeles and the lucky audience got to hear them play some of their new material and one of those songs was the title track Vapours off of their upcoming 3rd album live.

The band already has "No You Don't" off of their new album on their myspace which gives you a quirky 80s-centric synth driven track. However, Vapours takes you in a different direction and within 10 seconds of the song you're already up and dancing to this great catchy track and that is exactly what the band intended for you to do. You're bopping along until the chorus where you instantly start singing along and then the horns come in which takes the song to an even higher level. The new material already has fans excited for the CD, but sadly the album doesn't come out until September 22nd. So until then, end your summer nights with Island's "Vapours."

Islands -