MP3: James Blake x Drake - James Drake Mashup Mixtape


Here's an interesting mashup. The music from two current and much loved crooners — hip hop's musically versatile golden boy Drake and British post-dubstep trailblazer James Blake — has been merged and mixed together in a half an hour long set, which actually doesn't sound anything like you'd expect.

Perpetrated by Philadelphia DJ Bombé and r&b artist Mr. Caribbean, the mixtape takes vocals and instrumentals from both respective artists, at times altering the vocals significantly, but at all times maintaining this pensive, inscurtable backdrop.

Mr Caribbean himself stated it's "a soundtrack for sippin Robitiussun and Alize in an abandoned Cathedral, covered in a velvet blanket with a sexy stranger on a dark night." Quite the description. The best part is that the mixtape's called James Drake. Awesome. Check out early favorite "Successful CMYK," and download the entire tape below:

James Drake - "Successful CMYK" (MP3)

MP3: James Blake x Drake - James Drake