Japandroids "Art Czars"


Vancouver's Japandroids, self-absorbed and partied out, released one of the finest albums of 2009. With a touring schedule as tight as theirs, they won't be able to record a follow-up to Post-Nothing this year, so the bad has come up with a solution to satisfy their equally self-absorbed and partied out fans. Throughout 2010, Japandroids will five 7" singles limited to 2,000 copies. Each single will include a track from the Post-Nothing sessions (or you might call them, "the tracks that weren't good enough") and a cover.

The first 7" features the previously unreleased "Art Czars" and is backed with their cover of Big Black's classic "Racer X", which they performed at Daytrotter a while back. Pre-order the limited single here, and stream and download "Art Czars" below: