Japandroids - Hearts Spark Young Fire


I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz recently surrounding the Japandroids, so of course I was excited to listen to "Young Hearts Spark Fire."


It reminds me a lot of the emo-skater shit that I first enjoyed as a tween. It sounds like a cross of a hardcore punk jam-band, splashed with comparable vocals to the likes of Dashboard.

I wouldn’t give this song much more than a few listens. The drums and guitar overpower the vocals, and the track just lacks that je ne sais quoi that makes songs into hits. It’s not a memorable track, and after a few plays even gets slightly annoying.

With that being said, Japandroids as a band seem like an interesting duo. I would give their entire album a listen before discounting them based on this track.

Verdict: "Young Hearts Spark Fire" made me nostalgic of my younger years, but just doesn’t cut it. Their already critically-acclaimed debut album, Post-Nothing will be out in September (it was released digitally earlier this year). Have a sneak peak here

Japandroids - Hearts Spark Young Fire | mp3