Jay-Z x Phoenix - 99 Fences (Don Diablo Remix)


Ever since I saw DJ Don Diablo spin wearing a full on suit in 90+ degree weather at Chicago’s Lollaplozza (pure class) I have been in love and awed by his utter coolness (I mean come on, just look at this picture). Recently he hit the studio with Phoenix’s “Fences” and acapella of Jay Z’s “99 Problems.” Even if you are tired of the zillion “99 Problems” remixes, and over all the recent Phoenix remixes, I think you will find this mashup interesting enough to at least put it on a “party mix” (rar) or just down right love it all together!

In typical Diablo style, using stems of “Fences,” he effortlessly and smoothly blends the songs together. Overall, the song is perfectly synced though out the whole song. I’d say it’s another production knock out for Diplo. Definitely a winning combination. Get it after the jump