MP3: jj - "No One Can Touch Us Tonight" / "Ice"


We had just finished putting up jj's new video for old tune "My Life, My Swag" when we noticed that two brand new "hit singles" from the enigmatic duo had been released by their label, Sincerely Yours. The two new tracks—"No One Can Touch Us Tonight" and "Ice"—are presumably from jj's forthcoming  jj ?4 LP, rumored to be out June 21.

Sonically, "No One Can Touch Us Tonight" houses the dreamy, tropical breeze of jj ?2 tracks like "Are You Still In Vallda?" and "Things Will Never Be The Same Again." The shorter dream-pop ballad "Ice" is even bigger than it's "A-Side," with all of it's swooping percussion and soaring strings that makes it sound like something Jonsi would love to wail over. Gorgeous stuff from a couple of ridiculously young looking Swedes.

jj - "No One Can Touch Us Tonight" (MP3)

jj - "Ice" (MP3)

If you haven't yet checked it out, make sure to download jj's latest release, a free hip-hop inspired mixtape, KILLS.