Dubstep. I'm not an expert on the subject, I'm merely a catechized fan of the extraordinary and bewildering sounds. The chops and drops make my head spin. The lack of any human emotion in the music is both startling and riveting.

I will be honest, my first taste of dubstep (using the term loosely here) was actually found in Britney Spears' impeccable 5th studio album, Blackout; the track in question: "Freakshow." Even the almighty Pitchfork had a lot to say about the track, inciting me to explore this thing they called dubstep.

So it comes to no surprise that I found Joker by way of Pitchfork. They have reviewed two of his tracks, "Purple City" and "Digidesign," both eliciting a rating of 8/10, the latter is even graced with "Best New Music." I can do nothing but sit here and agree with them. This stuff is fantastic.

Joker -
from Joker'Digidesign'/2000F & J Kamata -'You Don't Know What Love Is' (March 2009)
Joker -
via Purple City/Re-Up 12" (May 2009)

Joker has also remixed Basement Jaxx's "Raindrops" with crew mate Ginz. It's pretty smooth. :)

Basement Jaxx -

And best for last, here is Joker's 23-track mixtape, named after his crew, Purple Wow. Download it here

Purple Wow Tracklist:
1. Heny g – Delayed Style
2. Silkie – 7-1
3. Joker & Ginz – Purple City
4. Joker – Psychedelic Runway
5. Joker – Gullybrook Plain
6. Joker – Digidesign
7. Guido – Tango 140
8. Gemmy – Espaniola (SOMETHING LIKE THAT )
9. Gemmy – The Box Remix #2
10. Gemmy – BT Tower
11. Gemmy – Back 2 The Future 2012
12. Gemmy – ……
13. Joker – Do it
14. Joker – Early morning
15. Benga – Buzzin’
16. RSD – Naked Mario Kart
17. Skream – Unknown
18. Silkie – Weird Piano
19. Quest – The Unknown
20. Rude kid – Are You Ready (Instrumental)
21. Maniac – Three Crows
22. Joker & Rustie – Play Doe
23. Joker – Untitled

Joker – Purple Wow Mixtape (70MB + zshare) [via Hot Biscuits]