Justin Timberlake - Better Not Together



Who would have thought that we'd be listening to a new Justin Timberlake leak on his birthday? Happy JT's B-Day to you: I give you "Better Not Together."

Actually, all props go to Big Mike and DJ Neptune and their Kings of R&B Part 2 mixtape which also wields a new Rihanna track. Is this song new? It's hard to say. The JT fan in me tells me that "Better Not Together" sounds like something out of the Justified outtakes. Yet, Big Mike and DJ Neptune claim this is a "world premiere." But hey — it can always be a world premiere of an old demo right? I'll let you decide for yourselves.

What I do know is that "Better Not Together" has a lovely R&B throwback feel to it, that we sometimes enjoy from JT. This new leak has nothing on the previous one, "Bigger Than The World," which I have hardcore love for. However, I don't think either song accurately depicts the JT album that we will be hearing later this year. But you should still listen to it below: