Kanye West - Gossip Files

Kanye "Mel Gibson's Jesus Christ" West

Kanye "Mel Gibson's Jesus Christ" West

I'm always up for a new/old/unreleased Kanye West track. Props to Confusion for copping this one for me.

"Gossip Files," which has also been known as "Dream Killers," sounds like a track from Kanye's College Dropout sessions. "Gossip Files" has a sick beat, for sure, but why does Kanye sound like he has a bad cold?

Bad cold aside, I am really, really digging this track. Would have fit perfectly at the end of College Dropout. I think it would have added more to the album that it would hinder it.

I miss this shit. I wonder what post-808s and Heartbreak Kanye will sound like. Should we expect a rawk album from Kanye? I hope not.