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Kelley McRae - Highrises In Brooklyn

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"Highrises In Brooklyn" is a nice coffeehouse lounger that will surely please those disappointed with Regina Spektor's latest album- or at least fill the gap until her next. Up-and-comer Kelley McRae is one of those likable, smart pop-folksters who is easy on the ears and makes for a very pleasant listen. She played at Barnes and Noble the other night in New York City, and I can't think of a more perfect environment for her kind of music.


Sit back, relax, and let McRae's calm voice and soothing melodies chill you out. And if "Highrises In Brooklyn" isn't chill enough, head over to McRae's MySpace and listen to the brilliant "Johnny Cash," in many ways a superior song, a perfect addition to your bedtime playlist.

Kelley McRae - Highrises In Brooklyn