Kevin Rudolf - Welcome To The World (ft. Kid Cudi)




"Welcome To The World" is Kevin Rudolf's answer to those calling him a one-hit-wonder. His massive hit (but somehow, still understated) single with Lil Weezy, "Let It Rock" has seem acclaim worldwide, has been certified platinum by the RIAA, and has reached Top 5 glory, it inevitably started to fizzle down.  Since then, Rudolf dropped the hopeful second single, "Welcome To The World" featuring Rick Ross. As far as I know, that wasn't working out for him too well. But maybe now that he has the recently un-retired Kid Cudi on the track, coupled with both of their first-single success stories, maybe "Welcome To The World" can become the big second single Kevin Rudolf hoped it would be.

I haven't really covered Kevin Rudolf much on PMA, other than announcing his presence and his poptastic single with Lil Wayne. So let me say that his album, In The City is a delectable pop/rock record and recommended, no, required listening for anyone that considers him/herself a fan of pop music. It's one of the most fully-realized pop records that has been released in quite a while. And honestly, this is the type of stuff Weezy should be doing if he wants to dab into the realm of rock(ish) music, and he should stay away from the Green Day sampling.

But I digress, once again. "Welcome To The World" lives in a land where catchy hooks out-number catchy synths, all while trying to be "insightful" into the music biz and starstruck girlfriends. I'll let you judge this song's insight, but I will lay this down for sure: "Welcome To The World" is a worthy "Let It Rock" successor, with or without Cudders.