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Kid Cudi - Sky Might Fall (Prod. Kanye West)

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Here's that track Kid Cudi let the Transformers people use for their trailer. It's pretty chill, but I'm nowhere near impressed. I'm not a huge fan of recycled beats. It's cool when a song gives slight nods to others, but Kanye's production on "Sky Might Fall" sounds just like "Welcome To Heartbreak." Maybe now I understand why Kanye West thinks that Cudi's album is a classic in a making — it's going to use the same beats he used on 808s. Ha, sneaky Kanye.

But seriously, Cudi can do better than this, even as a lyricist. I've been revisiting A Kid Named Cudi late at night for a few weeks now — this song would not stand out at all in that mixtape. It's good Friday listening though.

Kid Cudi - Sky Might Fall (Prod. Kanye West)