MP3: 'New' Kid Cudi - "To Da Top"


Kid Cudi’s latest offering “To Da Top” is an older but previously unreleased track in his oeuvre, and you’ll be able to tell that from the first second he starts rapping (that weird beatboxed freestyle at the beginning is a hint at Cudi’s growing avant-garde sensibility that the rest of the song doesn’t quite live up to).

rides a ‘70s-soap-opera-theme beat, rhymes “fam” with “fam,” and employs a sample that goes “top of the world!” – in short, it seems like an overly typical hip-hop number, which is kind of disappointing from a guy who rarely makes overly typical hip-hop numbers. If anything, "To Da Top" helps you appreciate just how far Cudi has come. The mp3 should still interest Kid Cudi devotees; listen and download below.

Kid Cudi - "To Da Top" (mp3)