Kris Allen - Heartless (Kanye West Cover)/Falling Slowly (from Once)


This dashing young man is Kris Allen (affectionately known as Kris with a K, 'round here), and he is my choice Idol, despite some early reports claiming that he's getting the boot tonight. Yikes. If you watch Idol then you know by know that there's no chance in hell that the Adam Lambert machine is going down, and rightfully so — that guy has pipes(!) — but I'd like to see Kris in the finale with him instead of whatshisface.


While Adam may have made this season somewhat interesting, Kris Allen was always the quiet guy in the corner that decided to tackle Oscar-winning songs and contemporary hits alike. Earlier this season he performed Academy Award winning song, "Falling Slowly" from the beautiful film "Once," as well as perform an acoustic rendition of Kanye West's "Heartless" live in front of 20 million Americans last night. That performance, without a doubt, will go down in Idol history. Consider this PMA's only endorsement of an Idol this year. Kris with a K FTW (that is, unless he's booted tonight)! Listen to "Heartless" and "Falling Slowly" after the jump.