La Roux- I'm Not Your Toy (Music Video)


This old news to some of you, but we're finally coming around to "I'm Not Your Toy" being La Roux's new single (we prefer "Tigerlilly," thanks). The words in La Roux’s latest single “I’m Not Your Toy” seem fitting for its futuristic Great Gasby like video.

The video captures how striking Elly is while complementing the feel of the song itself. The dancers (which remind me of Santigold’s dancers) give the video an electro-pop vibe, which the duo is known for, and darting glares resemble how insecure love can leave one feeling. People have their varying thoughts about Elly’s look, but the close ups exhibit a delicate feminine side. The whole video is full of great aesthetic and symbolic contrasts that make you think about the party of love.

“It's all false love and affection. You don't want me. You just like the attention.”