La Roux - Tigerlily/Farewell To The Fairground (White Lies Cover)


La Roux is often overshadowed by the more accessible and likable Little Boots, and to be honest, neither of her new singles (In For The Kill, Not Your Toy, Bulletproof) have had any staying power on my iPod — not like their debut single "Quicksand." Now that La Roux's debut album has been splattered all over the internet, I've had a chance to poke my head in search of a song of "Quicksand" caliber. After a handful of listens, "Tigerlily" seems to be a good candidate. It's by no means better than "Quicksand," but it is a lot more interesting than US single "In For The Kill."Edit: it might just be better than "Quicksand"


"Tigerlily" introduces La Roux's seductive, sexy side to fantastic result. Elly Jackson's confined vocals become feral and luring throughout the song; and at one point a remarkably menacing, timely and relevant "Thriller"-esque soliloquy floods the track.

"Tigerlily" precedes "Quicksand" on the eponymous album, marking for one of the year's most thrilling one, two KO's, putting it in the company of Little Boots' "Remedy"-"Meddle," Passion Pit's "Little Secrets"-"Moth's Wings," Animal Collective's "Daily Routine"-"Bluish," and Phoenix's "Lisztomania"-"1901." Listen to "Tigerlily" here

BONUS: LA ROUX - Farewell To The Fairground (White Lies Cover)mp3