Lady GaGa - Alejandro


On "Alejandro," Lady GaGa finds herself in a toxic love square with a boy named, well, Alejandro... as well as Fernando and Roberto — but mostly Alejandro, as his name graces the annoyingly catchy "Ale-Ale-jandro" hook.


A few seconds into the track, it becomes quite apparent that Lady GaGa is channeling herself some "La Isla Bonita." In fact, the similarity between the two tracks is almost as obvious as Madonna's "Revolver" to Britney's "Radar."

Giving a graceful tip of the hat to career idols isn't anything knew, and right now, it is not unwelcome. I, for one, don't mind an "La Isla Bonita" 2009. And this might be a bold statement, but club-bangers aside, "Alejandro" easily trumps most of Lady GaGa's senseless fluff numbers on The Fame. Listen to the new track after the jump.

"Alejandro" will appear on The Fame: Monster, and 8 track mini-album that will be sold along with GaGa's released debut, The Fame. The Fame: Monster will be released on November 24th.