Lady GaGa - No Floods - Pretty Much Amazing

Lady GaGa - No Floods

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This is for anyone who enjoyed GaGa go acoustic on "Poker Face." This new/old demo, called "No Floods," is a perky, piano-driven song and it's probably the last thing you'd expect Lady GaGa to responsible for. It's nice to know that GaGa isn't just studio magic. On her album, The Fame, Lady GaGa dipped into the piano-driven ballad pool a couple of times in songs like "Brown Eyes" and "Again and Again," but the songs weren't anywhere as good as "No Floods."

I'd like to hear an entire album like this, maybe once the novelty of those big sunglasses and weird couture wears off... Maybe it can be released as some Starbucks exclusive so her hip, yet sophisticated fans (that listen to music at Starbucks) can appreciate her while drinking their Venti Vanilla Rooibos Tazo Tea Lattes. It will be the first and probably the only time I'll ever buy music from Starbucks.

Lady GaGa - No Floods