Lady GaGa - Paparazzi: Stuart Price & Yuksek Remixes


Last week Perez Hilton premiered GaGa's crazy new video for "Paparazzi," and two remixes by Stuart Price (aka Jacques lu Cont, Killers & Madonna producer) and Yuksek.


Stuart Price gives us a sound reminiscent of Madonna's classic "Confessions on a Dance Floor." This sound really work well with Lady GaGa. She might want to recruit Stuart Price for what better be the follow-up for the century, he will definitely find a way to keep it interesting. Yuksek's remix is a bit more up my alley when it comes to remixes — lots of vamp, lots of cuts, and a penetrating, rolling drum that allows me to really sink my teeth into it. To be honest, if you ever wondered what a Lady GaGa and Justice collaboration would sound like, I would suspect it would sound a lot like Yuksek's remix. Bravo!

Catch both remixes after the jump.