Lady GaGa & Queen Latifah - Poker Face


Queen Latifah has been doing her thing in the Jazz world for some time now — and she's been pretty great so far — but I have to admit that I' am relieved to say that she's coming back to hip hop. It's been a while since Queen La has showcased her skills on the mic, and in this new Perez Hilton-sanctioned mp3, we find a Queen that has certainly lost no skill or swagger.


It seems that the hip-hop community is taking a liking towards one of the year's biggest pop hits. As you all remember, Kid Cudi and Kanye West sampled an acoustic recording of "Poker Face" and spun it to "Poke Her Face." Lady GaGa sat down with MTV and talked about how impressed she was with Kanye West and his insight into her song. Everyone has been so mean to him lately, it's about time someone stroked that ego.

Read on for the mp3