Lady GaGa - Retro Dance Freak



One listen to Retro Dance Freak and it becomes fairly obvious why it wasn't included in Gaga's debut album, The Fame.

The track reminds me of Fergie's tendency to release songs that are amalgamations of references to the previous songs of a genre (think Fergilcious and current BEP single Boom Boom Pow), if they were more original, less obvious, and more successful as a complete thought.

In reality unless someone told you this was Lady Gaga it may not be apparent at first listen (in fact it sounds more like Blondie or Gwen Stefani), and considering how similar several songs on The Fame sounded that's definitely a good thing. Listen to "Retro Dance Freak" after the jump.

Luis is sick today, so he's taking a well-deserved day off. Ali from Brave New Wave has agreed to help hold up the PMA fort.