Lady GaGa "Telephone" (feat. Beyonce) (Passion Pit Remix)


In a predictable move, Lady GaGa has gone with her duet with Beyonce, "Telephone", as The Fame Monster's follow-up to the transcendent "Bad Romance" (in a stupid move, I hear "So Happy I Could Die" is Monster's third single). Nothing good has come from this seemingly epic collaboration between two of music's current most relevant icons. "Telephone" is insulting to anyone with half a brain, but still miles ahead of its cringe-worthy R&B counterpart "Videophone". However, producer Rodney Jerkins really put all he had into this and he has created a Britney-like backing track that will surely capture radio programmer's hearts everywhere, soon enough.

And finally, in an interesting move, the Haus of GaGa have enlisted Passion Pit to remix the track for "Telephone"'s eventual Remix EP. The first two minutes of "Telephone" are altered and sped up so that Lady GaGa's voice is rendered and warped into a squeaky, chipmunk-like state, letting us know that we are definitely in Passion Pit territory now. Thereafter, Passion Pit hit their stride and construct a slippery and explosive soundscape for the short vocal loop.

Listen to Passion Pit's remix of "Telephone" below:

BONUS: Dr. Rosen Rosen was also enlisted to remix "Telephone" officially. Rosen puts a "rogue-pop spin" on the track and is giving away the remix, download below.