Lady Gaga: The Artist Formerly Known As Stefani?


Here's an old Lady Gaga track from an EP that dates three years back, but here's the catch: at the time, she wasn't Lady Gaga. No, she was Stefani, and she crafted a great song that shows off a side of her that we don't normally see on the pop charts.


With "Red And Blue," Stefani does far from tell us to "Just Dance," instead crooning a soulful ballad over a steady piano beat. The song is poppy, joyous, and uplifting. Far from streamlined pop music, this is a bit more raw and stripped down. It almost sounds like lightweight punk music, with Stefani (or is it Lady Gaga? This is so confusing!) singing emphatically, "I guess that I could forgive you, tonight."

The song is not brilliant, and is not going to be stuck in my head all day, but it's certainly worth a listen and a few spins. And it prompts the question: who IS Lady Gaga? What type of music does she really like to make? And what type of music does she make best? Clearly, she is more that just your typical "pop star": she has some real versatility, some real pipes, and a real knack for catchy tunes.

How do you guys like "Red and Blue"?