Lady GaGa - Viva La Vida (Coldplay Cover)


If you're a GaGa fan (more specifically, her acoustic Cherrytree sessions), check out her latest simple offering. This cover is brought to us by the ever-giving Live Lounge at the BBC's Radio 1. Lady GaGa may have screwed up the words in the beginning, but she makes up for it by going off script for a bit - "Be my Chris, and I'll be your Gweneth."

The cover is all piano GaGa, so it's sort of bland. GaGa is more interested in making sure you know she can flex the golden pipes than making this cover interesting. But hey — maybe Kid Cudi and Kanye can jump on the track and come up with some witty play on words and make this more fun!

Catch the mp3 after the jump!