Lady Sovereign - Pennies



Let's get this out of the way: I have never been a fan of Lady Sovereign's music.


That said, however, I still have been able to listen, tolerate, and even enjoy a lot of her stuff. But not "Pennies." In fact, I had trouble listening to the whole thing through to give it a fair review.

The beats fall flat, the chorus is lame and monotonous (as is the entire song), and the song is devoid of any purpose. I wouldn't want this blasting at any party (actually, it might work at a bangin' party, but it would probably annoy the partiers), any arena, in my headphones or from my speakers. In fact, I kind of just wish it would go away.

How many times can she say "How many pennies have you gotten from me?" Well, the answer is a lot of times , and if it doesn't get on your nerves by the end of the track, I'd be surprised. I guess it would be cool if she kept repeating it with some kind of harmony or melody, but she talk-raps it over a pointless background beat that adds nothing positive to the song, sounding like a second-rate M.I.A.

The only good part of this song happens in the first five seconds, and it's Sovereign's opening line- "Yeah, fother muckers." That made me smile. Unfortunately, however, the rest of the song did not. In fact, I sat here with a blank expression on my face, typed up this rather harsh review, and deleted "Pennies" from my computer, never to be heard again.